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Terms and Conditions
Wise Guys Car Wash Monthly Wash Club Terms and Conditions, Kelowna BC.
The Wise Guys Wash Monthly Wash Club provides members the ability to wash their eligible vehicle up to one time per day with vacuum while the membership is renewed and can be cancelled at any time by visiting the app. No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods for any Wise Guys Car Wash Club Program.
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts. Wise Guys Car Wash reserves the right to cancel, amend or change the program, including but not limited to membership fees, from time to time as necessary. Only the car enrolled in the Wash Club is eligible for the program.
By Enrolling in the Wise Guys Car Wash Monthly Club, you agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this program and that your credit card associated with this membership can and will be charged one time per month (on the anniversary date) the amount associated with the price of the service at the time it was purchased. In the event of your credit card being declined for any reason or expired, we will make every attempt to contact you using the contact information you have provided. Until payment is received, we reserve the right to deny any and all wash services. Money stored in your Wise Guys Car Wash mobile app wallet does not get applied to the Monthly Wash Club program and can only be used on single wash purchases. 
Membership is transferable upon purchase of a new vehicle and upon notice to Wise Guys Car Wash. Members must notify Wise Guys Car Wash of any change in vehicle ownership. Wise Guys Car Wash reserves the right to close due to inclement weather, holidays, equipment maintenance, and upgrades.
Please purchase the right membership package that fits your vehicle’s needs. Daily upgrades are not available.

Don’t just be a customer, be a Wise Guys Car Wash Club Member

  • No cancellation fees
  • Join via app
  • No long-term contracts
  • Wash and vacuum vehicle up to one time per day
  • We will never give your email to another organization
  • Wise Guys includes a daily free vacuum code with each membership. Access the code through your App

frequently asked questions

You can choose either The Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership. Wise Guys is the only car wash in Kelowna that gives you the option to use either the Express or Touchless Wash. One membership, two wash choices!

Yes! For every other vehicle you sign up, that membership will be discounted by $5/month. You can also mix and match memberships. For example, you could have a Wise Guys Gold membership for your primary vehicle and a Bronze Membership for your work truck. 

The Wise Guys Membership fee will be charged to your credit card on the same date each month. The date will be determined by when you enroll. So if you enroll on the 1st, you will be charged on the 1st of each month. Once Payment is accepted, you will be able to use the membership program. If your payment is declined, the membership will be canceled. Sorry, no cash or debit card memberships. 

If you wish to cancel, or temporarily suspend your membership, no problem. There are no refunds for outstanding time on your membership but you will be able to use your membership until it expires on your next billing date. Cancellation or suspension must be done seven days prior to your billing date to avoid being charged for the next month.

No, one per membership. We put an RFID tag on the windshield of your car with the membership. If the RFID tag is peeled off to move to another car it will destroy the tag and it will not work. If you change vehicles, just come see us and we will remove the tag and place a new RFID tag in your new vehicle.

The program is for personal use only and is not open for commercial vehicles. Taxis, Limos, app-based transportation service and other professional vehicles are prohibited. Also, if your car has an RFID blocking windshield, as some Tesla’s do for example, then we cannot offer you a membership as the RFID signal will not pass through your windshield.

You can upgrade to a higher level of wash anytime right at the autoteller with the press of a button and just pay the difference. The upgrade will not be automatically billed to the credit card used for the monthly membership fee. Payment will be required at the time of the upgrade.

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